Fury over 'entitled' parking move at popular Sydney beach

The driver of the black Mercedes-Benz was called out on social media.

An infuriating parking move has riled up Sydney locals over the weekend after a car was snapped parking across two parking bays at a packed beach.

The driver of a black Mercedes-Benz was slammed for the inconsiderate parking job at the popular Coogee beach in Sydney's eastern suburbs on Saturday.

One local shared a photo on a local Facebook group, calling out the driver and the car. "Busy Saturday morning, entitled or what," they wrote.

Black Mercedes Benz parking at Coogee beach.
A black Mercedes-Benz was spotted parking across two bays at the popular Coogee beach on Saturday. Source: Facebook

Parking move infuriates locals on Facebook

The photo shows the luxury vehicle parked well across the dividing line. The space left on either side of the car meant no other vehicle could fit.

The move frustrated many on social media particularly because parking can be hard to come by on a busy weekend morning.

"I’d squeeze my car in so tightly on his driver's side he couldn’t get in," one sarcastically wrote. "Entitled and a cr*p driver," another hit out. Meanwhile, one thought it was typical of a luxury car driver. “Eastern suburbs Merc driver, no explanation needed,” they wrote.

Cars parked along Beach Rd in Coogee Sydney.
There is limited parking around the busy beach, especially on weekends. Source: Getty

Others suggested it was just a bad parking job implying it might not have been done intentionally. "Don’t those cars have cameras to help you reverse park," one questioned. Another noted what looks to be a disability badge in the window.

"Disability sticker. Probably an elderly driver who’s just a bad parker,” they wrote.

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