'Idiot' driver slammed for selfish parking act at IGA

An Australian driver's "entitled" parking job at a Super IGA has been slammed online, but not everyone agrees with the backlash.

An anonymous witness posted a photo of the silver ute and attached trailer taking up half a dozen parking bays in St Helen's, Tasmania, last week.

"[The] car takes up 4 spots, trailer takes up 2 spots, so 6 spots taken up by one idiot," the frustrated fellow shopper wrote on popular Facebook page Crap Tasmanian Drivers and Inconsiderate Parkers.

"There is long vehicle parking about 5 metres away."

Pictured is ute and trailer taking up several parking bays.
A driver's parking job at an IGA in Tasmania has sparked a debate online. Source: Crap Tasmanian Drivers and Inconsiderate Parkers

Driver not 'inconveniencing' anyone

While it seems as though the person who took the photo was irritated by the driver's parking job, others were more understanding.

One Facebook user said that at least the front or rear of the car and trailer wasn't poking out, as that could block traffic or lead to a collision. They added it was likely the driver didn't have a choice.

The long bay may have been occupied when the driver pulled into the car park, another person commented.

Someone else noted that just judging by the photo, it appears as though there are quite a few empty parking spots nearby.

"Not okay, but not inconveniencing or hurting anyone! Maybe people should just worry about themselves and what effects them," they said.

"It's hard to go to town with a trailer on if you need it for one job, but you have to do other things while you're in town," another person commented.

"But honestly, if you can't park it, then maybe get some practice in one day when you have some spare time. I was taught how to back a trailer before I was old enough to get a licence."

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