Queensland council worker fined for breaking own parking rule

A Queensland council worker has been issued a fine from their own employer after breaking one of their own parking rules.

A picture of the incident shared on a local Facebook group shows a silver hatchback with a Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) logo illegally parked on the grass in front of a property just north of Brisbane.

It's not known if it was their own or someone else's lawn.

The Queensland council worker's illegal parking, leading to a fine.
A Queensland council worker has been caught parking illegally, leading to a $100 fine. Source: Facebook via The Moreton Daily

But according to parking guidelines in the area, "it illegal to park on a verge, or to park on the footpath verge", a council spokesperson said, The Moreton Daily reports.

The Facebook post reportedly garnered "an avalanche of comments" and the car was reported.

"Council staff are not exempt from Local Laws and the Local Laws team is in contact with the driver of that vehicle," the council spokesperson confirmed.

The fine for illegally parking on a verge is $100, they said, adding that anyone who parks there will receive an infringement notice.

In narrow streets, it's common for people to park with two wheels on the nature strip and two wheels on the road.

Currently, this too is against the law in the Moreton Bay area but it might soon be allowed under a new proposal.

Frustrated drivers slam parking fines

Previously, a Sydney man was furious after receiving a $275 fine for a widely-used car park tactic.

When waiting for a car space in a busy Cronulla street, he pulled over to the side to wait and left the engine running.

But days later he received a fine in the mail after a council ranger photographed his vehicle.

And last month, a Queensland motorist was been slapped with a fine as part of the City of Gold Coast Council’s war on illegal parking.

An image shows not just his car but two other vehicles all neatly parked on the grass facing outside a football oval.

But according to his infringement, it was the angle of his vehicle that led to the fine despite a lack of signage.

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