Why seemingly innocent parking habit has Aussie dad fuming: 'Selfish'

A frustrated dad has hit out at a common parking habit that stops him and his kids from enjoying a walk in their neighbourhood.

While it may appear to be innocent for some, the Aussie dad says the parking job is a very "selfish" move, and there's a valid reason why.

The man shared a photo of the offence on Reddit on Wednesday, but it has since been deleted.

The image shows a ute parked in a driveway of a property, but behind it parks another vehicle and it's partially blocking the footpath.

While there's a small gap that should allow someone to walk through, the Aussie dad says his son is in a wheelchair meaning he has no access.

Ute parking on driveway blocking footpath
The ute was parked in the driveway of a property but partially blocking the footpath, a parking habit that's frustrating for many. Source: Reddit

"My young bloke is in a wheelchair but enjoys getting out and about for a walk. His older brother likes getting out on his bike," he wrote on Reddit.

"I'm becoming more and more disappointed with selfish bastards who don't think of others."

Dozens slam 'infuriating' parking habit

The post racked up over 900 comments from people, many of which agreed most drivers wouldn’t think twice before parking this way.

One person said they "sometimes walk with a cane" and have "left polite notes for people who do this."

"I assume that people aren’t doing it to ruin other people’s days, and once they’re alerted to the problem, they’ll do the right thing," he said.

"It’s frustrating, though, and I’m sure doubly so for a wheelchair user."


"I am not in a wheelchair but this is what I think every time I see this, accessibility," another wrote.

"I call it out if the person is around, surprise, they usually don't care. So f****** selfish."

Others urged the frustrated dad to report it to the council and argued that "blocking the footpath is illegal".

Another said it's "inconvenient enough for a pedestrian walking along the footpath holding shopping bags.

"But this sort of thing is extra hard for cyclists, people pushing prams and wheelchair users," they said.

One person who works in disability agreed "people parking across paths is infuriating."

"Why do I have to endanger my clients and myself by having to go out onto the middle to the road just because you’re an inconsiderate ass?" she fumed.

Even a postman chimed in to say it's "the bane of my day".

"I've got to drop down and climb the gutters again. Especially when they're parked near their mailboxes," they explained.

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