Mercedes driver slammed for 'entitled' parking job at hospital

The driver of a Mercedes has been criticised after photos of a vehicle parked in between two disability parking spaces at a children’s hospital surfaced online.

Photos shared to a Facebook group dedicated to shaming motorists taking advantage of disability parking spots showed the older model black car in the undercover park at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne on Wednesday.

The vehicle was positioned with two of its left wheels in one parking space and its right ones in another.

The parking space to its left was empty and the other was occupied by a silver family van.

A child in a wheelchair was shown near the parking bay who, along with their carer, was significantly inconvenienced by the inconsiderate driver.

The carer who shared the damning photo described the driver as an “ass” for “ parking between two disability spots”.

The Mercedes is seen taking up two disability parking spaces at a Melbourne hospital. A photo of the car from the front with a child in a walker behind it.
The Mercedes parked over two disability parking spots. Source: Facebook

“Thanks for making our day more challenging at the Royal Children's Hospital. A disability spot is for people using wheelchairs, walkers etc,” the carer wrote.

“People need space to get in the cars, carers have to do less lifting if the person is closer to their seat, but you didn't think of that, you screwed us and someone else who couldn't park on the other side.”

The carer wasn’t the only person furious at the driver’s selfish actions, with many others slamming the driver in the comments section of the post.

“What the actual f***? Holy crap, some people are just ridiculous,” one person wrote.

“It’s a very old car so maybe they are self entitled. Seriously though I would report them even though the car is only worth about $5000,” another person said.

A car parked over two disability parking spots at Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne. The vehicle is pictured here from the back.
The rear of the vehicle showing it parked in the middle of two bays. Source: Facebook

Someone else encouraged the carer to report the driver to the local council, but they claimed previously to have been told parking spaces were considered private property and therefore not punishable through council.

Another said security officers were in fact authorised to issue parking fines as the hospital was government-owned.

Penalties for misusing a disabled bay range between $549 and one demerit point to a $659 fine.

People who suspect someone to be breaking the rules can contact the Mobility Parking Scheme on 1300 884 899.

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