'Our happy world turned into a nightmare': Mum's plea after daughter seriously injured in crash

A New South Wales mother has shared her heartbreak, after a car crash turned her ‘happy normal world’ into a nightmare.

In February Angela Brown was driving home from a dental appointment about midday in rural NSW when her car slammed into a tree at 100km/h.

The impact of the crash caused her car to flip on to its roof.

To make matters worse, the tree snapped and landed on top of the car, trapping Ms Brown and her two young daughters inside.

Ms Brown's daughter Summer suffered severe spinal injury in the crash. Photo: Angela Brown Facebook.

“When I came to we were upside down in our car, Miss 1 and Miss 2 were screaming,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

She noticed one of her daughters had a large cut on her forehead, the air conditioning vent had flown off and hit her forehead.

The other seemed to have no visible injuries.

Ms Brown’s daughters had both been in child restraints, one facing forward in her child restraint and the other, Summer, was rear-facing.

The daughter who was rear-facing suffered only minor shoulder bruising, while Summer wasn’t so lucky.

“Me and Miss 2 were picked up by Careflight from the crash sight (sic) and flown to Westmead… where out nightmare just got worse,” she wrote.

Ms Brown shared a plea to other parents to keep their children in rear-facing car seats for as long as possible.

Her daughter had suffered severe spinal injury in the crash.

“They had discovered she had broken her c2, c3 and tore (sic) all her ligaments in her c1.

“She was one of the youngest to be fitted with a Halo Brace, the doctor told us that most children with her injury don’t normally make it.”

Just three months after the crash, Brown took to Facebook to write the heartbreaking post, in order to convince other parents to use rearward facing seats for as long as possible.

Ms Brown admitted she was never sure when to introduce her children to forward facing seats, however after the accident she stressed that she would use rearward for as long as she could.

“Don't make the same mistake as I did. It could cost you your babies life,” she said.

Many parents have praised Ms Brown’s bravery for sharing her story.

Photo: Angela Brown Facebook

“You’ve been through so much in so little time… thinking of you guys,” Samantha Hill wrote.

“My son is 19 months and I have been panicking since your ordeal, seriously considering turning him back around,” Melissa Perkins wrote.

“You have all been through so much, stay strong and we are keeping Summer in our prayers,” Michelle Morgan wrote.

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