Onlookers shocked as shotguns pulled in Hungry Jack's drive-thru

One gunman can be seen wearing a Centrelink singlet as the dramatic arrest unfolds.

Instead of a Whopper and fries, expectant diners at a Hungry Jack's in the Top End got a shotgun in the face while going through the restaurant's drive-thru on Thursday evening.

Onlookers were stunned as a multiple men in plain clothes – including a Centrelink singlet and hi-vis tradie shirts – seized upon a blue ute as it waited in the drive-thru lane.

A video filmed from a nearby carpark shows the tense moment as onlookers watched on in shock.

The incident took place in Coolalinga, about 29 kilometres south east of Darwin. Source: Facebook
The incident took place in Coolalinga, about 29 kilometres south east of Darwin. Source: Facebook

"It's all going on here ... F***ing welcome to the NT bra," a man can be heard saying behind the camera after the video was posted to Facebook.

"Look at the guns these c**** got."

In a statement to Yahoo News Australia, NT Police confirmed two men, aged 30 and 31 were arrested in the undercover sting at about 5.40pm on Thursday.

"Both men had warrants for their arrests and charges are expected to be laid later today," the statement said on Friday morning.

"There were no serious injuries to the offenders, officers involved or the general public."

In the video, at least two cars can be seen surrounding the ute, trapping it just before the drive-thru window. Multiple gunmen quickly surrounded the vehicle, pointing their firearms, including what appear to be shotguns, at a passenger through the rear window. The dog squad was also on the scene.

One of the vehicles seen in the video has significant damage to its front bonnet.

"A member of the public’s vehicle was damaged as the offenders attempted to evade police," NT police said.

Despite the large firearms being directed at him, a man in the blue ute spends more than a minute allegedly resisting arrest and can be seen in the video brandishing a large object, seemingly trying to hit the undercover officers.

The dramatic incident unfolded in Coolalinga, just off the Stuart Highway outside Darwin, with the footage quickly racking up thousands of comments and 200,000 views in the first 12 hours.

The two men are expected to face court today in relation to the operation with police saying more details will be provided soon.

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