Couple's 'trashy' behaviour behind the wheel offends observers

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A video of a couple behaving dangerously behind the wheel of a moving vehicle has alarmed many observers.

The video, on Reddit’s ‘Trashy’ thread, shows a man driving a large, black vehicle, making out with a girl who is straddling him.

“Just an accident waiting to happen...” the video was captioned.

The car pulls out of its parking spot outside a bar in Beverley Hills.

“Yep, this is Beverly Hills, nothing about this surprises me. Worst drivers I have ever encountered because they can afford to pay to get out of whatever trouble they get themselves into,” someone said on the thread.

Another person confirmed it was also in Beverley Hills, adding they wouldn’t be surprised if the couple were involved in some sort of production, “or maybe it’s just another rich couple showing off”.

A couple were caught getting intimate behind the wheel of a car while driving. Source: Reddit
A couple were caught getting intimate behind the wheel of a car while driving. Source: Reddit

“Is this illegal?” someone can be heard asking off camera.

Despite being clearly distracted by the girl on his lap the man drive off. It was noted by several people on Reddit the man is wearing a seatbelt, but his female companion is not.

“Love how he has his seatbelt on but she doesn’t,” someone said.

“At least both of them should have a seat belt on,” another said.

“What a dumbass is all I have to say about this,” one person remarked, while someone else said the affair was “trashy and cringey”.

Others were angry the couple had no regard for everyone else on the road.

“LOL These are the type of people you need to stay away from. They literally don’t care about anything else other than them.”

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