How a Sydney man became 'the internet's most hated'

A young Sydney man says he has become the "most hated person on the internet" after predicting Anderson Silva's horrific leg break in the UFC 168.

How a Sydney man became 'the internet's most hated'

How a Sydney man became 'the internet's most hated'

Tim Reuben, who describes himself as a an actor, comedian and "occasional Tweeter" made a remarkably unfortunate choice of words when posting his support for Anderson Silva on Twitter.

"Break a leg tomorrow! Hopefully not yours!" he tweeted to Silva the night before the big fight.

What happened next is nothing short of unbelievable.

The simple message Tim sent to one of his favourite UFC fighters.

The tweet remained largely unseen until Silva snapped his leg in half in one of the most gruesome injuries ever seen in the UFC, and arguably, sporting history.

Within hours, Reuben's innocent tweet had generated accusations he had cursed Silva.

"There were so many hate tweets coming in by the minute, and some so extreme that I actually started to find the whole thing funny," Reuben said.

Columnist Jordy McElroy described Reuben as one of the most hated men in Brazil, where UFC is a booming sport.

"After reading some of Reuben’s Twitter responses, he may want to consider steering clear of Brazil for a while. Hell, it might be best for him to avoid all MMA events and the South American continent entirely."

Reuben responded to the widespread anger by posting How I Became The Most Hated Person On The Internet Overnight to Junkee.

He says taken "a pretty light-hearted approach" to the entire situation and even posted a mock message to Justin Bieber hoping to 'curse' him into a broken leg.

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