Sydney is enjoying unseasonably warm weather on Thursday but meteorologists warn it won't be continuing.

According to Tom Saunders, Senior Meteorologist at The Weather Channel: “Sydneysiders woke to 20˚C at 7am this morning and the minimum of 16˚C was less than two degrees off the all time August record. By 9.30am the city was sitting at 23˚C and climbing.”

The warm weather is thanks to a warm front bringing northerly winds from the tropics lifting temperatures to their highest levels in months.

However a cold front is set to burst wild weather across Victoria and NSW later today.

“Widespread showers, thunderstorms, strong winds and a dramatic temperature drop will affect Victoria and New South Wales today as a cold-front sweeps in from the west,” Tom says.

Sydney can expect showers and storms to clear overnight and a cooler yet sunny weekend will follow.

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