King-hit victim wakes from coma
King-hit victim wakes from coma

A young Sydney man has woken from coma with severe injuries after allegedly being king-hit by a bouncer on Saturday night.

The incident comes just three weeks after the punch that killed 18-year-old Thomas Kelly after a night out in Kings Cross.

Stephen Sims suffered a broken jaw and fractured skull after allegedly being hit by a security guard at 'The Mean Fiddler' in Sydney’s north-west.

Twenty-six-year-old Sims was in an induced coma with a fractured skull, swelling to his brain, and a broken jaw.

Friends and family who had been with Mr Sims on Saturday say that bouncers were responsible for his injuries.

Ben Jega says he and his friends were only ejected because he kept taking his shirt off.

“We were basically attacked, there was no need for the excessive force they used,” Jega says.

We understood we were being idiots…the situation was under control there was no need for someone to be king hit.”

An independent witness, who does not know the group, says a bouncer choked one of them, and then Sims’ eyes rolled back in his head before he passed out.

The witness, known as Susan, says another security guard attacked Mr Sims.

"He was mouthing off to the bouncer and the bouncer slapped him across the face, he stumbled backwards and hit his head on the ground,” Susan says.

"What happened wasn't called for… it's just brutal."

Stephen's sister Nicole Sims visited her brother in hospital on Tuesday, after doctors brought him out of his coma.

She says Stephen doesn't remember much of the night, and he is in too much pain to speak clearly.

The Mean Fiddler told Seven News that Stephen's friends were aggressive when they were ejected, and that they taunted, punched, and pushed the guards.

Sydney detectives hope CCTV footage will provide the definitive version of what Steven Sims was doing just before his head hit the ground.

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