Driver nabbed 'speeding at 150km/h with woman asleep in the boot'

Melissa Buttigieg
News Reporter

Police were bewildered to find a woman sleeping in the “boot of a car”, while the driver sped along the NSW South Coast at more than 60km/h over the limit.

The driver of the Mitsubishi 4WD was pulled over on Turpentine Rd, Tomerong, travelling at 152km/h in an 80km/h zone, at 5.45pm on Good Friday.were

NSW Police were bewildered by the 'stupidity' of drivers on the state's roads over the Easter long weekend. Source: AAP/ file picture.

While speaking with the driver, a 29-year-old female Cambodian national, a second woman was found sleeping in the boot, police said.

The driver was booked for excessive speeding, in addition to a $325 fine for driving with a passenger in the boot. She lost her licence for six months.

The shocking offence came as another driver lost his licence for travelling more than 140km/h in a 110km/h zone on Western Australia’s Great Northern Highway, also on Good Friday.

Drivers slammed for ‘stupidity’ over Easter long weekend

NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy, said he was shocked to hear of so many drivers being reckless with their safety over the Easter long weekend.

Officers have encountered several cases of what he said “can only be described as stupidity on the roads”.

So far NSW officers have conducted more than 250,000 breath tests over the Easter long weekend. Source: AAP, file

“On more than one occasion, police stopped drivers who had unrestrained passengers – some in the boot of their cars, and even one reportedly on the roof.

“Sadly, some drivers are ignoring common sense and putting their own lives, their passenger’s lives, and the lives of other road uses at great risk of death or injury,” Assistant Commissioner Corboy said.

Operation Tortoise, the NSW Easter long-weekend double demerit point blitz, started at on Thursday and will run until midnight Monday.

Police across the state have been targeting all speeding, mobile phone, seatbelt and motorcycle helmet offences.

In just four days, NSW police have dished out 5182 speeding fines, charged 228 drivers with drink driving and issued 8337 other infringement notices.

“With 228 people charged with drink driving offences, we are past the point of being disappointed, we are now angry that drivers are not listening to our warnings,” Assistant Commissioner Corboy said.

NSW police have already charged 228 with drink driving offences over the Easter long weekend. Source: Getty, file

“Too many people are risking their own and other people’s lives with their reckless and stupid decisions.

“The message is clearly still not getting through and I fear that for many of the drivers and riders out there, it may only sink in after it’s too late.”

Three NSW road fatalities over Easter

There have been three lives lost to date on the state’s roads during the Easter period.

A 71-year-old man died in Inverell, regional NSW, on Saturday, a day after his car left the road, rolled and slammed into a tree.

The fatality came a day after a passenger died when the car he was travelling in collided with another vehicle in Sydney's northwest.

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