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Police will take 'no further action' over baby vaping video: 'Disgusting'

The sickening actions by family members have caused police to get involved.

WARNING: DISTRESSING CONTENT — A disturbing video of a baby boy being forced to smoke a vape has sparked concern for the child's well-being as well as a police investigation.

Footage of the 10-month-old infant on the Mid North Coast of NSW shows a vape being pressed to his mouth by a person who is believed to be his aunt. The baby can then be seen inhaling before it breathes out smoke.

In other parts of the video he is also seen coughing and spluttering, while his reportedly teenage mum laughs in the background.

"Want to try?" she can be heard saying in the now viral clip.

Two stills from of a distressing video of a baby being forced to smoke a vape in Kempsey, NSW.
A distressing video has surfaced of a baby being forced to smoke a vape in in Kempsey, NSW. Source: 7 News

The video posted by the mother on social media attracted much scrutiny, with one local telling 7News she found the family's actions "disgusting".

"Terrible, everyone can’t believe it," another woman said.

The video was also widely condemned on social media. "They don’t deserve to be parents," one Facebook user derided. "That’s appalling and breaks my heart," another commented.

Police will not be taking 'further action'

Despite widespread concern about the incident, a NSW Police spokeswoman told Yahoo News Australia that "no further police action will be taken".

"Officers attached to Mid North Coast Police District attended a home in Kempsey yesterday, following a concern-for-welfare report regarding a 10-month-old boy," the spokeswoman said on Thursday morning.

"Police have now spoken with the child’s family and – following advice provided by with medical professionals and other governmental agencies – no further police action will be taken."

The mum of the baby boy in the video seemingly defended her actions on social media.

“Every c*** got the hide to sit there and talk about me and my child, take a look in yas own backyard,” she reportedly posted.

What are the health risks of vaping?

Paige Preston from Lung Foundation Australia said it was "incredibly alarming" to observe the video of the "poor child," 7News reported.

She also thought it was irresponsible posting the video on social media as it "normalises" something "incredibly dangerous to children and adults".

While the long term effects are not known, the short term health effects of vaping include nausea, vomiting, mouth and airway irritation, chest pain and palpitations, according to NSW Health.

Exposure to the toxic vaping liquids can pose a serious risk to young people, and can lead to future health complications.

According to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), it is illegal to sell, supply or possess nicotine vaping products in Australia without a GP prescription.

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