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NSW election: MP makes embarrassing blunder on Year 7 NAPLAN test

The education minister and shadow minister faced off ahead of the state election.

As the NSW state election nears, two politicians were asked an important query — how to solve a year 7 NAPLAN question.

To add fuel to the flames, NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell and Shadow Minister Prue Car had to answer the question live on air, leaving the two sweating on 2GB this morning.

"Pears cost $4 per kilogram. Ben buys 4.15 kilograms of pears. How much does Ben pay for the pears," the numeracy question read.

Two photos of the NAPLAN year 7 question both ministers got asked, as well as their answers.
The NSW Education Minister and Shadow Minister faced off on 2GB after being asked a year 7 NAPLAN question. Source: 2GB

The two women had approximately one minute to answer, which they could not use a calculator for. Ms Car handed hers in first — $4.15 — but got it wrong. Minister Mitchell took a bit longer and gave the correct answer: $16.60.

"Can I just say English was my strong point," Minister Car said, defending herself. "So was mine Prue!" Minister Mitchell responded.

Higher pay for only some teachers may create division

The fun bit of trivia came after a discussion about what both parties would be offering when it came to education ahead of the upcoming election on March 25.

On Tuesday the education minister announced a $100 million election promise where more high-performing teachers will be able to earn a maximum of $152,000 per year through new roles.

The pilot is currently available to 200 high-ranking teachers and would expand to 800 positions.

While two in three teachers say higher maximum salaries would encourage them to stay in the profession, some worry a salary-gap in the classroom will sow division.

Those in roundtables also raised concerns about teacher supply and how to ensure middle leadership roles remained attractive.

Other hot topics this election include housing market reform, rising living costs and domestic violence.

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