'Full of s***': Covid TikTok leaker's bizarre interview

Wild theories have emerged after a TikToker continues to correctly "predict" the number of locally-acquired Covid cases in NSW, hours before the official numbers are announced each morning.

Jon-Bernard Kairouz, an Australian actor and comedian, has sent people into a frenzy with the gimmick, announcing new daily case numbers the night before state premier Gladys Berejiklian does.

The first video he made was on Tuesday night, when he accurately announced there would be 97 cases on Wednesday. He has since gone on to get the numbers right every day since.

"it just comes down to simple maths, my brothers and I have put a lot of time and effort into the Kairouz probability algorithm and that's all it really comes down to just mathematics," he told the The Project on Sunday night.

NSW's Covid numbers are leaked in TikTok videos like this one.
Comedian Jon-Bernard Kairouz has been correctly predicted the number of locally-acquired Covid cases in NSW for days. Source: Tiktok/jonbernardk

While he wouldn't tell the program's hosts the numbers for the following day, he did make a video on Sunday night saying there would be 109 new locally-acquired cases on Monday.

"You know, I just, I feel like I owe it to the audience that have referred to me as the people's champion, as you can see, or the peoples premiere so I just feel like that's the best outlet for me to do it," Mr Kairouz said, referring to why he releases the numbers on his social media.

Project host Tommy Little stated the obvious, telling his guest "I think you're full of s*** on the maths thing, but to be honest, I don't care."

Mystery surrounds TikTok videos

Several theories have been thrown around, trying to answer how Mr Kairouz does it.

At Friday's press conference, Ms Berejiklian was asked whether NSW Health had been “compromised” and if there was a leak feeding Mr Kairouz the daily case numbers.

“All we can do is focus on the job at hand, and at the moment, a lot of people have alleged to have various bits of information and bits of advice, and that’s welcome. We are in a democracy,” she said in response.

Mr Kairouz always makes his announcement after 8pm cut off, so some people take this as confirmation he has a source inside the NSW Health department.

One prominent theory pointed to the federal government’s little used coronavirus app which some thought was updating case numbers before they were officially announced by Victoria.

Others have joked the state health department wants the TikToker to release the numbers.

"He delivers the bad news the night before so when we hear it at 11am we don't say shit that's high, we say s**t he's right," one person said on Twitter.

"If the numbers were good she'd be the one making the announcement."

Others appear convinced he was getting the numbers from a breach in the NSW Health website.

On The Sunday Project, Mr Kairouz said he has been having fun since going viral and many on social media don't see the harm in what he is doing.

Despite all the theories, he continues to claim his method is merely "complicated calculus".

He also claims he received a call from someone at the state health department asking him to stop.

On Sunday, there were 105 new locally-acquired Covid-19 cases recorded in NSW.

Premier predicts days may be needed for cases to drop

Ms Berejiklian says she expected some five or six days until cases drop as a result of tougher lockdwon restrictions.

Stay-at-home orders have been tightened in Fairfield, Canterbury-Bankstown and Liverpool with locals not allowed to leave until July 30.

Tougher restrictions also apply to the entire Greater Sydney region, with only supermarkets, pharmacies, banks and few other retailers allowed to open and construction sites shut.

The state is yet to see a significant drop in case numbers despite some form of lockdown conditions in the capital for more than three weeks.

The state has also seen a high number of positive cases out in the community while infectious, which has both the premier and health authorities concerned.

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