'Finally our turn': Victorians mock Sydney over Covid lockdown

With life feeling a bit precarious at the moment, it may bring comfort to know that the Sydney-Melbourne rivalry is every much alive and well.

Rather than arguing about the most liveable city, Victorian's have taken to social media platforms to mock Sydneysiders over their lockdown situation, many comparing Melbourne's 2020 lockdown to the one Sydney is currently in.

As Covid cases surge, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced on Wednesday that Sydney's lockdown will be extended by two weeks, after 97 new locally acquired cases of Covid-19.

 Victorians take to  TikTok to mock NSW over lockdowns: Source: TikTok
Victorians take to TikTok to mock NSW over lockdowns: Source: TikTok

Although initially met with cries of outrage from NSW residents and delight from Victorians, some cautious users are warning others not to be too smug about the situation, after Victoria reported seven new cases today.

Victorians take to TikTok to mock Sydney over lockdowns

In 2020 Victoria had one of the strictest and longest lockdowns in the world, which saw them confined to their own homes for 112 days, with exceptions made for essential travel and services.

That lockdown saw a night-time curfew, a one-hour limit on outdoor exercise, and a ban on travelling more than 5km from their homes as well as mandated mask wearing in public areas.

Now, Victorians have taken to TikTok to mock Sydneysiders over the extended lockdown. Some comparing them to fighting children, others making fun of their complaints.

The videos have been met with mixed responses, some finding them hilarious while others slam them for being too harsh.

"Calm down. I don't recall anyone laughing at Victorians in lockdown, we all felt sorry for you," one user retorted.

"There were LOTS of insults towards Victoria," a user replied, with another adding: "Finally, it's what they deserve."

"OK, but they were laughing at us and telling us to stay away," another said.

"I was so smug when Melbourne was in lockdown," confessed one user. "I deserve this TikTok."

"Let's not gate keep struggling through a lockdown," one user suggested. "It's hard for everyone."

Some users warned TikTokers for speaking too soon, calling the competition "silly", with the threat of another lockdown looming for Victoria.

"This is going to be us soon," one user warned.

"It won't be long until we go into another lockdown ourselves," another agreed, with other users urging people to "be careful".

Other people have taken to directly comparing Sydney and Victoria's lockdowns, showing photos of Melbourne's ghost-like city centre last year spliced next to busy Sydney scenes.

Sydney's 'stay at home' orders extended

Ms Berejiklian announced on Wednesday that the lockdown will be extended for another two weeks.

"We need to get down to as close to zero as possible before we can end the lockdown and I really want to make that point clear," Ms Berejiklian said, adding the state government was committed to getting out of this lockdown "as soon as we can".

Restrictions have not tightened, despite growing criticism from medical experts saying the current measures are too lenient.

Rise in Victoria's Covid cases

On Wednesday, Victoria announced seven new Covid-19 cases, linked to an apartment complex outbreak in Maribyrnong.

Two removalists from Sydney travelled to Victoria and later tested positive for Covid-19. One removalist picked something up from the third floor of the apartment building, resulting in a 14-day lockdown for all residents and visitors, with four residents later testing positive or the virus.

One man in his 60s who lives in the apartment complex tested positive, as did his 89 and 90-year-old parents.

Victoria's Covid-19 response commander Jeroen Weimar said the man also attended the Carlton and Geelong game at the MCG on Saturday, with 2000 people seated in Level 2 of the MCG Reserve contacted and told to isolate and get tested.

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