Australia Post driver sacked for 'appalling' delivery attempt: 'Do better'

Australia Post have apologised for the postie's act that left one Aussie fuming.

An Australia Post delivery driver has been sacked after dumping a package on the footpath outside the wrong home.

The company were forced to apologise to the Townsville resident who was left fuming when she found her package seemingly dumped on a footpath outside the wrong home on January 13 — leaving the woman demanding the business "do better".

In a damning image, the white post bag can be seen lying on the concrete, next to the edge of a patch of grass. “This is the ‘safe place’ my parcel was left — at the wrong address!!!” the woman wrote online.

The alert from from the Australia Post (left) and a photo of the parcel left on the footpath (right).
The Australia Post customer slammed the company for delivering their package to the wrong address. Source: Facebook

Australia Post apologises after customer complaint

Australia Post told Yahoo News Australia it took swift action after the customer filed a complaint. “Australia Post has strict protocols in place for the delivery of mail and parcels, and the driver’s actions here clearly did not meet the high standards we expect,” a spokesperson for the company said.

“We have been in touch with the customer to apologise and we can confirm the driver involved no longer delivers for Australia Post.”

The spokesperson also urged any customers experiencing delivery issues to call them on 13 POST (13 7678).

Customers blast postal service for 'appalling' act

The woman’s social media post has raised fury with fellow customers who slammed the delivery as “appalling”.

“I’m not sure what’s more tragic here?” one person wrote. “The fact they’d got the wrong address or the fact they’ve just left it on the floor nowhere near a door or delivery box. Thick as pig sh*t.”

Another explained that they have a safe parcel container upstairs, but that their package “was left behind the rubbish bin”.

The parcel left under a tree on a property (left), the rural property (middle), and the woman on her property (right).
The woman who lived on an 800-acre farm was lost for words when her parcel was left under a tree. Source: TikTok

Woman's scavenger hunt for parcel

It’s not the first time a delivery driver’s delivery location has made headlines. In October last year, a woman on an 800-acre farm ended up on a scavenger hunt to track down her parcel after she received a photo of it sitting under a tree in a “safe spot”.

“Thank you Australia Post,” she wrote online. “Just when I thought you guys couldn’t get any f***ing stupider. Any sensible person, you would think, would probably be able to drive up the driveway to the house and leave it up there.”

Meantime a delivery driver in North Victoria was caught on camera letting a number of deliveries plummet out of their van. Neighbours told 9 News that the driver didn’t go back for the fallen parcels, and inside they had to pick them up and contact the owners.

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