Australia Post driver accused of 'road rage' towards elderly woman

Aussies are divided over who was in the wrong. What do you think?

Footage has emerged showing an Australia Post employee's alleged "road rage" directed at an elderly woman who said she did not see him while driving through a roundabout.

A woman captured on camera the irate postie on the Gold Coast lecturing the elderly driver on what she should have done at the roundabout, implying he was almost hit. The woman filming tells the man to "stop harassing" the woman in the other vehicle, in video obtained by Nine News.

"She wouldn't do it on purpose stop harassing her," the woman says to the Australia Post driver in the video. "She's crying."

Screenshots of the driver in his Australia Post uniform in front of a white vehicle with an elderly woman in it.
The person filming alleged the Australia Post driver was 'harassing' the elderly woman after the roundabout incident. Source: 9 News Gold Coast

The postie is heard telling the elderly woman she is supposed to "give way at a roundabout," asking how she couldn't see him in his vehicle. "I've got a family you know," he said in response to the woman filming.

After the postie continued to try to speak to the woman in her white SUV, blocking her vehicle with his, the person filming walked across the road closer to the altercation, repeating to the man that he needed to "stop doing road rage (sic)", while consoling the distraught driver in her vehicle. "It's alright darling, you wouldn't do it on purpose."

The elderly driver responded that she was "sorry" and hadn't "seen" the driver. "I can't believe how he's reacted," she is heard saying at the end of the clip.

Australia Post investigating the incident

Australia Post told Yahoo News Australia it is committed to ensuring a "safe workplace" for its employees and that its Electric Delivery Vehicles (eDVs), as seen in the video, are equipped to capture video footage and data designed to help keep its people safe on the roads.

"A full investigation of the incident will be conducted, including reviewing any video captured before and after the incident," a spokesperson said.

At this stage, they have shared no further information about the incident or their investigations.

Mixed reaction from Aussies online

Although the woman filming and people reacting online disapproved of the way the postie reacted, others online defended the man, saying that "elderly or not," he had the right to talk to her after he was almost hit.

"Umm no, elderly or not. Could have been a no show at the Xmas table this year if the old dear hit him. I didn't hear him hurl any abuse. He was probably very scared," one person said.

"No excuse for nearly killing someone, also I didn't hear the posty abuse or swear (sic)," said another.

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