Aussie Lotto winner's unusual 'six month' plan after $1.8m win

The woman said she has been playing the same Lotto numbers for '1,000 years'.

A Queensland woman who has been playing the same Lotto numbers for what feels like "a thousand years" revealed her reaction to bagging a $1.8 million prize.

The woman, from the Sunshine Coast, said she blacked out when she discovered she'd scored a huge win in the Saturday Lotto Superdraw. She held one of 11 division one winning entries and took home a whopping $1,818,181.82.

Despite the win, the woman says she intends to hold onto the money for six months before deciding what she uses it for, adding that the world is now her oyster.

Left is a file picture showing a Gold Lotto ticket and right is a picture of the coloured Lotto balls.. Source: The Lott
The Queensland woman has been playing the same Lotto numbers for 'a thousand years'. Source: The Lott (file photo).

"I think I blacked out," she explained after having her win confirmed. "I pulled the ticket up and my mind just went into overdrive. I've never seen so many numbers in sequence."

The Saturday Lotto winning numbers were 30, 29, 7, 2, 31 and 12. The two supplementary numbers were 9 and 33.

"These have been my numbers for what feels like a thousand years, and I became so used to bagging small wins," she said. "It's such a shock, but thank God I stuck with these numbers of mine. I'll park my money for about six months and then I'll figure out what I want to do. The world is my oyster and I'm so grateful."

One of 11 Saturday Lotto winners

The winning entry was purchased at TSG Chancellor Park in Sippy Downs, Queensland. The team said they were "over the moon" to have sold the winning ticket.

Of the 11 division one winning entries, there were four each in Queensland and NSW, two in Victoria and one in Tasmania. The Lott's division one winning tally has now reached 340 so far in 2023.

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