Newborn babies found dead after being 'thrown out window'

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WARNING - DISTRESSING DETAILS: Police are investigating the death of two newborn boys who were found wrapped in paper on a patio, with investigators believing they were thrown from a window.

The babies were found by the superintendent of a multi-storey building in the Bronx, New York, and were rushed to hospital where they were later pronounced dead, NBC reported.

While not much is known about the babies, it is believed they were just one-week old and it is not yet clear if they were twins or even related.

Resident Osvaldo Volquez told the New York Post he was the one who called the authorities after the newborns were found.

The area outside the building in the Bronx where the babies were found is seen to be blocked off with police tape
Two babies were found outside an apartment building in the Bronx, they both later died in hospital. Source: NBC

He told The Post one of the babies was “curled up in the fetal position” and said the child was not moving and did not give any sign of life when he got there.

The Post said police believe the babies may have been thrown from a window, citing a “source”, though the investigation is in the early stages.

One of the newborns was found to have a blue string around his neck, NBC reported.

The police are yet to determine how the newborns died, according to NBC, nor do they know how the babies ended up on the patio or who the parents might be.

One woman who lived in the building told the network she was not aware of anyone pregnant, and said she was “surprised” as no one could get to the back of the building where the babies were found.

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