Netflix's ‘Love Is Blind’ Contestant Says Her Story Is 'Bigger Than Race'

Connor Garel

Shakespeare thought love was weird. He thought it was capricious, unfair, dizzying, and uncontrollable. He also thought it was blind, which is the premise of Netflix’s new viral TV series “Love Is Blind,” in which the point is to commit to someone purely based on feeling … without ever having actually seen them.

The idea, if you boil it down, is that if we remove race, class, age, appearance, and all those other social hangups, the love that emerges might be more pure. So it’s only fitting that the show’s most beloved pair (SPOILER ALERT!!!) turns out to be an interracial one — just one of two couples, in fact, that actually gets married in the end. 

From the first episode, it was clear that Lauren Speed, a digital content creator, and Cameron Hamilton, an artificial intelligence data scientist, would be the ones to watch. 

And though love, for them, was blind, the audience could see everything. Any viewer could see that Lauren is Black and Cameron is white, and, in a recent interview with Essence magazine, Lauren opened up about those anxieties.

“I feel like me and Cameron’s story is so much bigger than race,” she explained when asked how she expected the world to react. 

“I wasn’t sure what to expect … I thought there may be some people who say, ‘I can’t believe she’s on here with this white man.’ But honestly, [we have] received support from all...

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