Neighbour's terrifying note threatening to kill woman's dog

The resident near Melbourne has no idea who sent the message her way.

A Victorian pet owner has been rendered speechless by a handwritten note that appeared to include a threat to kill her dog.

The note was received by a resident in the Yarra Valley — located northeast of Melbourne — who has no idea who sent the terrifying note her way.

It read: "Home Owner, can you please shut your dog up from barking all the time, neighbours are concerned including us. We don't want to see it get baited, especially at three o'clock [in the morning after] non stop barking."

The terrifying note is handwritten with ballpoint pen, with the words 'To Home Owners' on the envelope underlined several tines in red ink,
The terrifying note was sent to a Yarra Valley resident by an unknown neighbour. Source: Facebook

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Locals divided over barking dog

Despite most condemning the threatening message online, locals were divided over the unknown neighbour's approach to the barking dog.

Some locals said they understood why the individual may feel exasperated by a constantly barking dog in the area, and said it was "crazy how pet owners can continue to let them bark". While others felt it was unreasonable to send the note anonymously and not include contact details so they "can call and talk about it."

Council encourages writing a letter to pet owners of nuisance dogs

The Yarra Ranges Council echoed the opinion that residents' best course of action is to foster "friendly" communication to find a solution.

"If a barking dog is becoming an issue, start by speaking with your neighbour in a friendly way — they may be unaware that there dog is barking excessively. This may resolve the issue without any further action," a spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

Writing a letter to the pet owner is also encouraged by council and it suggested including a log of the times the dog was a nuisance to highlight the issue to the pet owner, with council offering sample letters examples on its website.

"If you feel uncomfortable speaking to your neighbour, try writing a letter to them," the spokesperson said.

If the situation escalates or a solution isn't found, residents can lodge an official complaint to council — with councils across the country offering this option to Aussies.

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