Neighbour's 'petty' food delivery note sparks debate

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A Reddit user has sparked debate after sharing a passive aggressive note they left for a neighbour suspected of stealing their food delivery.

During the coronavirus pandemic more people are choosing to dine at home and food-delivery services have had to adapt by offering contact-free drop-offs to reduce the potential transmission risk between the delivery driver and the recipient.

Contact-free delivery means your driver will either leave your items on your doorstep and offer a quick knock on the door before moving on, and some services, like DoorDash, send a photo of your delivered items through the app to alert customers their food has arrived.

But one DoorDash driver made a mistake after leaving a delivery on the doorstep of the wrong house, and the person who made the order wasn’t happy when that neighbour stayed quiet and accepted the food.

An image of the note left for a neighbour after it was suspected they stole somebody's food delivery.
A reddit user left a note for a neighbour they suspect of stealing their food delivery. Source: AAP/Reddit

Deciding to take matters into their own hands, the hungry Reddit user decided to pen a note to their neighbour, accusing them of stealing the delivery.

The note along with an image of the food sitting on the doormat read: “Hi Neighbour! I saw that you received my food! I hope it’s sitting well in your belly. I was really looking forward to that pasta.

“My delivery driver made a mistake but it would have been pretty simple for me to go outside and see it on your step instead.

“Also, I know you have it because Door Dash provide pictures upon delivery.”

While some Redditor’s agreed with the letter and thought it was well deserved, others seems to have a different opinion.

“I’ll be honest, if somebody rings my doorbell, leaves food, then walks away, I won’t question it. It’s a sign from the Gods that I was meant to have this food,” one person wrote.

“The majority of people won’t go around asking neighbours if the food is yours during the pandemic, this note is such a petty thing to do,” another said.

The original poster said they were inspired to leave the note after ringing the bell at the address where the food was delivered moments after receiving the message from DoorDash and received no response.

Pictured left is a screenshot of the DoorDash app and right is a delivery driver.
When a DoorDash delivery driver accidentally delivered food to the wrong address, one hungry person decided to leave a note for the food thief. Source: AAP

“They grabbed it within seconds, as there was no order when I went to collect it,” they wrote.

“In all fairness, what were they suppose to do? Go around knocking on doors and asking if they ordered food?” one person asked.

But the original poster stood firm.

“My neighbour could have looked around for a minute or two to see a confused individual looking for their food, or referred to the receipt on the bag and identified the address... not immediately snatch a food order they didn’t pay for and refuse to answer the bell when the owner comes to collect?”

“Door Dash issued me a credit so I’m not out of money, it’s just the principle. Don’t take what doesn’t belong to you,” the original poster wrote.

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