CCTV video captures Australia Post driver's 'rookie mistake'

A runaway Australia Post van has been caught on camera colliding with an unlucky customer’s garage door.

Security vision posted to forum Reddit dubbed ‘Australia Post rolls out drive through service’ shows an Australia Post delivery worker exit a van and walk toward the front door with a parcel in hand.

As the driver knocks on the front door, the empty van begins to inch up the steep driveway and directly into the garage door.

The Australia Post van drove into the garage.
The car steadily lurched forward after the driver got out. Source: reddit

The AusPost worker realises and attempts to stop the van with his hands before swinging open the front door and jumping into the front seat to secure the break.

The video ends with the driver slowly reversing from the garage door to survey the damage.

The Reddit user who posted the video said nobody was injured and there were no vehicles in the garage at the time.

“When I checked the footage I felt a bit of anger and thought what an idiot - but I don’t think he would have started his day thinking that this would happen,” the user wrote.

CCTV vision of an Australia Post van crashing into a garage door.
The panic-stricken driver noticed too late. Source: reddit/fire-scar-star

“It scared the crap out of me, but it probably did the same to him,” he added.

When asked by fellow reddit users how it happened, the owner of the video said he suspected the Australia Post employee left the van in drive.

“Rookie mistake,” one person replied.

CCTV vision of an Australia Post van crashing into a garage door
The Australia Post van collided straight into a customer's garage door. Source: Reddit/fire-scar-star

“Well he can't accurately say ‘sorry we missed you’ after that, can he?” another user joked.

The customer said Australia Post had taken responsibility for the incident and would cover the cost of repairing the garage door.

“AusPost insurance is going to pay costs for repair/replacement,” he wrote.

As for the driver of the van, the Reddit user hoped he still had his job and praised him for calling his manager to report the incident.

“He called his manager who knew what had happened, so he owned up. Though I did offer footage and he said they shouldn’t need it,” he said.

An Australia Post spokesperson confirmed the incident occurred and said it had immediately engaged with the customer to apologise for the inconvenience and to organise repair of the damage.

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