Customer's shock after Australia Post delivery goes very 'wrong'

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

A man has become a source of hope to victims of missing parcels after receiving a package six months after it was sent.

He had given up on seeing the parcel which supposedly left China for Australia on December 5 last year.

In a post to a Facebook group, he explained he was refunded by payment service PayPal after notifying it of the missing package.

On June 11 however, the parcel mysteriously appeared, which he put down to “Australia Post always getting their parcels delivered”.

The delivery, which the man said was worth $4, had been out for so long that its seller was no longer registered on Ebay, where he had originally purchased it.

The package states it was sent on December 5 last year. Source: Facebook

“Definitely the most delayed post I've seen on the page,” someone wrote in a comment.

Another said they once had a similar experience – not receiving a parcel sent in December until July the following year.

“It’s not necessarily Australia Post’s fault,” they wrote, citing potential issues with packages passing through customs.

Someone else expressed they were still holding out hope that six missing deliveries would arrive.

“Lucky you. I’m still waiting on six of mine. I’m not giving up hope though,” they wrote.

One person said they waited an entire year for a package to show up, and decided not to tell the company they ended up receiving it.

The man said it took six months to receive a package from China. Source: AAP

Another person claimed a package they sent from Sydney to South Australia, ended up passing through Singapore, Amsterdam, Poland and South Africa before eventually arriving three months later.

“I thought it was pretty fast for a parcel that’s travelled the world,” they wrote.

In possibly the biggest delay in Australian history, a parcel was delivered 40 years after it was sent.

A tennis club ordered some new embroidered patches in the mid-1970s, which didn’t show up at the club until 2015 after being stuck behind a piece of machinery at the post office, reported.

Australia Post told Yahoo News Australia it was not common for a parcel to take six months to arrive.

“The vast majority of parcels are delivered on time but it’s clear that something has gone wrong in this case,” a spokesperson said.  

“We are pleased that the customer appears to have received a refund for the item, as well as their parcel, and apologise for the delay.

“We encourage any customers with concerns about their parcel delivery service to contact our customer contact centre on 13 POST for help and support.”

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