Man's extravagant romantic gesture to neighbour while self-isolating

A New Yorker practising social distancing has documented his unique way of asking a neighbour out after spotting her dancing on a rooftop.

Like most residents in Brooklyn, Jeremy Cohen has been in self isolation in his apartment during the coronavirus epidemic and when he spotted a “quarantine cutie” dancing across the road, he decided he had to ask her out.

After waving back and fourth with his neighbour, Mr Cohen used his drone to fly his mobile number to his mysterious neighbour and he recorded the romantic gesture for his followers on TikTok.

In the 31-second long video, Mr Cohen delivers his contact details by drone to a delighted Tori Cignarella, who quickly sent him a text message.

“I can’t believe this actually worked and yes, this is a real story,” Mr Cohen posted along with the video which has now been viewed over six million times.

Couple’s first rooftop date

Social media users demanded updates on the long-distance romance and Mr Cohen happily kept his followers in the loop as he shared a rooftop dinner with Ms Cignarella from afar.

Jeremy Cohen documented his unique way of asking out a neighbour via a drone while social distancing.
Jeremy Cohen documented his unique way of asking out a neighbour via a drone while social distancing. Source: Twitter/Jeremy Cohen

“You look beautiful,” Mr Cohen shouted out to Ms Cignarella as they both ate dinner on their seperate rooftops and Facetimed each other.

“Her name is Tori. She’s cute and kind and I’m so happy I met her,” Mr Cohen wrote, sharing photos and videos of their “quarantine dating life”.

The first date went so well that the hopeful romantic thinks they may have a future together.

“Depending on how long this quarantine lasts, I may be in a long-distance relationship with someone who lives across the street from me,” Mr Cohen told his followers.

quarantine dating in new York
The pair shared a rooftop date from afar. Source: Twitter/Jeremy Cohen

The ‘bubble boy’ date

For their next date Mr Cohen decided he wanted to meet Ms Cignarella in person, but being responsible and respecting social distancing recommendations, he had to find a creative way to do it.

The photographer climbed inside a huge plastic bubble carrying a bunch flowers and hand sanitiser and made his way to Ms Cignarella’s front door step.

She met him outside her apartment, wearing gloves, and the two went for a romantic walk around their neighbourhood.

The couple were even stopped by police who recognised them from local media and asked for a selfie, while a few followers even caught the date happening in real-time and tweeted out videos of the date.

Mr Cohen’s followers have gone crazy for the love story and are eagerly awaiting the next date.

“The greatest modern love story of our time,” one person commented.

“This is too cute, please don’t stop,” another user wrote.

“They need to make this into a movie,” a fan tweeted.

Mr Cohen hasn’t revealed what he will do for his next date with Ms Cignarella but he’s happy that his romantic gesture is putting a smile on people’s faces.

“It makes me feel good to know that this story has been brought joy to some people in these dark times,” Mr Cohen said.

The freelance based photographer is also a fan of Australia and participated in ‘Koalas of NYC’, where he placed stuffed koalas on poles around New York City to raise awareness of the Australian bushfires, complete with a GoFundMe campaign that has raised more than $27,000 for WIRES.

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