'This isn't a bloody plane': UFO believers explode over Tasmanian fireball

A huge fireball has been spotted traversing the Tasmanian sky sending conspiracy theorists into overdrive.

Facts, general logic and an explanation from the federal government were not enough to deter the “believers” who insist the fireball could only mean one thing – aliens are invading.

"Don't want to alarm anyone but … the alien visitors are our friends," one optimistic Facebook user wrote.

"No longer will the population outcast you for believing in aliens," another added.

What is that glowing light in the distance? Source: Facebook
Aliens, definitely aliens. Source: Facebook

“The government's just covering it up like Roswell. Bloody reptilian government,” wrote another.

“This isn't a bloody plane, wake up people... Planes don't leave flames so how bout you all open your f*****g eyes and get some perspective,” one confident Internet user added.

The federal government's air navigation services provider Airservices Australia offered a much simpler and more likely explanation – it was a plane.

The discovery comes just weeks after NASA cut the live feed from their space station when a mysterious UFO began approaching.

Self-proclaimed alien hunter John Craddick claimed that it must be aliens because "nothing human can fly that high".