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Mum wows with Woolies cake hack: 'Looks amazing'

Aussie mum Donna took to Facebook to share just how easy it is to create a professional-looking cake with two Woolies mud cakes.

"Hey Woolies!! I just wanted to share another Woolies Cake Hack I did for my hubby's 50th Birthday," she wrote on the Woolworths Facebook Page.

"I was quite impressed with my efforts. 2 x Woolies Drip Mud Cakes stacked on top of each other & decorated with lots of goodies!

"Such a cost-effective cake idea rather than paying a professional & the cake was moist & super yummy," she added.

A montage of photos showing two Woolies mud cakes being transformed into a more sophisticated and professional cake.
One mother's Woolies cake hack impressed with its professional look. Photo: Facebook

Even the team at Woolies was impressed.

"Hey Donna, thanks for contacting us and sending us these photos. Your cake looks amazing! Have a great day," they replied.

TikToker Getyameganout also did a similar hack using Woolies mud cakes for a friend's 40th birthday.

"Cake hack. $50 (including the alcohol) and 30 minutes.

"Love how it turned out!" she wrote on the video that has been watched almost 170,000 times.


First, she removed the original icing from the two cakes, wrapped them in cling film and put them in the freezer for about 15 minutes.

She then iced the top of one cake and put the other on top of it before icing the outside of the cake tower.

She revealed the icing doesn't have to be neat, as she then encircled the cake in cookie and cream wafers, finishing it off with a decorative ribbon tied around the cake to help hold it all together.

Then she added yellow gummy bears, Ferrero Rocher chocolates and some mini Jack Daniels bottles to the top before finishing it off with a Happy Birthday cake topper.

"I was super impressed with how it turned out," she said.

Her TikTok following loved it too.

"This actually looks really good," one person commented.

"Great job, that looks amazing," another wrote.

Another revealed she was going to make one after watching the video:

"My partner is turning 40 in a few weeks! I'm definitely doing this! thank youuuuu!!"

One person was even annoyed she hadn't seen the reel earlier, lamenting she'd spent a lot more buying a similar cake from a cake shop.

"Spent $130 on these 3 weeks ago," she said adding the crying face emoji.

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