Mum who 'didn't know how to play' Keno wins $2.9 million

The woman now has plans to buy her first family home after winning her first game of Keno.

An Aussie mum is now a multimillionaire thanks to a game of Keno she admittedly had no idea how to play when buying her ticket last week.

The woman from Rooty Hill in Sydney's west had no plans to go out that day or even play the game, but her spontaneity has paid off — landing her $2.9 million.

"We decided to go to the local pub after work just for a bit of entertainment. I was in the mood to go out and I said to my husband, ‘Let’s go out! Let’s go out!" she said. "It wasn’t until I was waiting for my husband that I decided to put on a game of Keno."

Keno ticket held up in front of new house with house keys.
The woman now celebrates being a multimillionaire and has plans to buy a house after winning a game of Keno. Source: Getty and Keno

Oblivious woman almost 'voided' winning ticket

Due to her lack of understanding of the game, the woman relied on instructions from the pub workers to play along.

"I didn’t know how to play so I went up to the team member and asked to put on a ticket," she said. "I asked if the team member at the venue could check my ticket but because the last game wasn’t drawn, he said it would void my ticket. I stayed put and waited until the last game had been drawn."

Once the final game had been played, the worker rushed up to the woman who was oblivious she had just won the jackpot prize.

"It still hasn’t sunk in. Our lives are about to change!" she said.

The woman scored the Keno Classic 10 Spot jackpot — draw 151 — and now has plans to purchase her first family home after years of renting. Her winning entry was purchased at West HQ, Rooty Hill.

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