'Mum 'scammed' by her five-year-old son's homeschool trick

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Parenting blogger Laura Mazza has shared the hilarious story about how she was "scammed" by her five-year-old son.

The Melbourne-based writer took to her Facebook page to tell the story, joking that her son, Luca, would one day be "president of the world."

Parenting blogger Laura Mazza
Parenting blogger Laura Mazza has shared the hilarious story of how she was 'scammed' by her five-year-old son Luca while he was being homeschooled. Photo: Facebook/Laura Mazza

"Why? Let me tell you," she wrote.

Laura explained that her home school session with her son on Monday was "mildly unsupervised" as she had "a mountain of work" to complete and didn't want to have Luca somehow get involved in her Zoom meeting.

She continued, "While working in my office (aka a small makeshift desk near the front door), I put FaceTime on, so if Luca had a question when unsupervised, he could ask - nailing parenting right? Bloody oath!"

"He was pretty quiet, but I could hear the lesson going on, so I didn’t feel very worried. I wanted him to feel trusted... HAHAHAHAHHA TRUST A 5 year old... good one Laura."

Laura said that she'd check her phone every now and then and see that "it looked like he was listening".

She then joked that she should have gone to Specsavers, "I picked up my phone to tell him that he could have a break and realised he was eerily still. With the same dork confused look on his face. I laughed and asked him if he was frozen, but of course he didn’t reply.

Five-year-old Luca found a way around doing his school work.
Five-year-old Luca managed to find a way around having to do his school work. Photo: Facebook/Laura Mazza

"I went upstairs and as I went up, I could hear his little voice, singing and playing. I look in his room and there he was, playing gleefully with his toys like one of the von trap children."

Laura went on to say, "I thought maybe he heard me say 'break time' and ran off quickly to go play and it was frozen?"

"So I went over and saw a rather odd little set up... that looked like two iPads mating. He had his sister's iPad, propped up and situated perfectly in front of his iPad’s camera lenses...

"And what was on his sisters iPad you ask? A picture of him sitting at the desk looking slightly amused. And not just one picture. Multiple pictures!"

"The little s**t put a fake picture so it would look like he was sitting there!! Listening!"

"When I confronted him while trying to hold in laughter tears, he said, 'Yeah but I didn’t just do one picture, I wanted to show you ALL my listening faces', then he looked at me dead in the eye and quoted something his dad and I say too many times to him, he said, '[You've got to] admit, I’m pretty clever.'

Luca tricked his mum by using another iPad
Luca had set the iPad up with a number of his "listening faces" to fool his mum. Photo: Facebook/Laura Mazza

"Yes you are son. WAY TOO CLEVER. Scammed by a 5 year old. I am dead," she concluded.

People commented on the post with one person writing, "Genius! Or future criminal mastermind!"

Someone else added, "What a bright young man, I am in awe of his cleverness...too funny!"

Others joked that Laura would be "in trouble when he is a teenager".

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Laura said, “He is such a clever little guy. Every day something comes out of his mouth that leaves me in fits of laughter. Sometimes I have to hold the laughter in!”

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