Mum of four, 27, dies after cancer check-up is delayed by Covid

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A young mother of four has died after a misdiagnosis and doctor check-ups were delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Welsh woman Lizzy Evans, 27, was pregnant with her fourth child when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. In order to undergo treatment, her daughter was delivered eight weeks early by C-section, The Daily Post reported.

In May last year, Ms Evans was told she was in the clear after her cancer treatment, however a few months later she began suffering with chronic pain.

"I went to my GP with back, shoulder, rib and neck pain, which radiated throughout my body," Ms Evans told North Wales Live before her death.

"The GP put it down to muscular skeletal pain due to me going through menopause because of the previous treatment I had."

Lizzy Evans died after her cancer returned and was misdiagnosed. Source: Just Giving.
Lizzy Evans died after her cancer returned and was misdiagnosed. Source: Just Giving.

The mum-of-four said from the time she was given the all-clear to when she started experiencing the chronic pain, she had no regular check-ups as she was promised, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

After the doctor diagnosed her with menopause, she was sent home.

She said she was hospitalised once, with staff thinking her ovary was twisted, but was discharged when it was discovered that wasn't the case.

Another time Ms Evans called paramedics to her home as she was in so much pain, only to be told she should ring the GP.

One morning, Ms Evans woke up struggling to breath. She said the ambulance crew thought she might have a collapsed lung.

When the results came back in January this year, Ms Evans found out the cancer had moved to her lungs. It was stage-four and terminal.

Ms Evans died on March 31, leaving behind her four children aged nine, eight, two and one as well as her husband, Joshua.

"To find out I had cancer in the first place was a massive shock and after I got the all-clear, we thought we could move on with our lives and get back to normal, then this was just the worst," she told North Wales Live before her death.

A fundraiser set up to help Ms Evans and her family make memories in the little time she had after the diagnosis has since been repurposed to help out her family in the wake of her passing.

"Sadly Lizzy has now passed away, all new donations will now go for her loving husband and children," the Just Giving update says.

More than £3,285 ($A5,970) has been raised so far.

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