Mum's horror find in daughter's online shopping order

Nikki Goodwin found a shocking item in a gift she bought online for her daughter, Tayla Clarkson. Photo: Caters News

A shocked mum is claiming she found a dead goldfish in the packaging of a bag she ordered as a gift from Boohoo.

Nikki Goodwin, 34, had ordered the black pleather handbag as a present for her 15-year-old daughter, Tayla Clarkson.

But the London teen was horrified when she unwrapped the gift on Wednesday and allegedly saw the long-deceased creature.

“She came in from school and took the package upstairs then I just heard this scream. It was a really girly, dramatic scream. I was thinking ‘what now?’,” Nikki said.

“She said ‘there’s a fish’ and I was thinking that it was a prank and maybe one of the boys at school had put one in her schoolbag.”

Nikki said Tayla then sent her a picture from upstairs of the ‘fossil-like’ fish on her bed.

Inside the packaging was a 'fossil-like' goldfish. Photo: Caters News

"It was only a couple of inches long but it did stink when you got close to it,” Nikki said.

“I was thinking ‘how the hell did it get there?’ I thought it was someone in the packaging factory having a laugh.

“My daughter was grossed out by it but I could see the funny side. She’s seeing the funny side of it now.”

Mum-of-three Nikki, who thinks the fish was popped in the bag as a prank by one of the warehouse staff, has since been offered a full refund and a $37 (£20) voucher.

She said she messaged Boohoo on Facebook and they offered her the voucher and have promised her a full refund.

And incredibly, teen Tayla hasn't been put off using the handbag and Nikki said she will shop there again.

“I’m not that squeamish. It just makes me wonder what might come in the next package,” Nikki said.

Boohoo has been contacted for comment.

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