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Mum filmed naked and breastfeeding on hacked baby monitor

The former beauty queen said the camera would have captured 'everything that happened in the bedroom, in my four walls'.

A German influencer has experienced every parent's nightmare after a baby monitor that took intimate footage of her breastfeeding or walking naked after getting out the shower was hacked shortly after being set up to monitor her infant daughter.

Victoria Mihajlenko, 25, also known as Victoria Selivanov, from Thuringia, Germany, was shocked when she heard a man groaning when she went on the computer to check the device, and realised that someone had hacked her Wi-Fi network in order to watch the room where her daughter Melissa, aged 1, was sleeping.

She reportedly caught the unknown offender after she suddenly heard her daughter crying one day but the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor did not report the noise.

Victoria Mihajlenko, 25, and her baby daughter Melissa, 1, who were involved in a baby monitor hacking, pose in undated photo.
Victoria Mihajlenko, 25, found out that a stalker spied on them through the baby monitor. Source: @victoriaselivanov/CEN/Australscope (@victoriaselivanov/CEN)

The 25-year-old ex-Miss Thuringia explained that she got the device free of charge in return for positive feedback on social media networks.

"The camera runs through an app and pretty much always gives me a notification when my child is crying or loud. Or if there is any loud noise in the area at all," she said.

But as that was not the case, she opened the app to which the camera is connected and suddenly heard an unfamiliar male voice followed by a disgusting moan.

Appalled by the bizarre sound, she then instantly switched her camera off and reported it to the police.

A black and white screenshot from the baby monitor shows the child lying in a cot
The mum shared a clip of her child, where she claims to hear the voice of strange man. Source: Instagram/victoriaselivanov

Ms Mihajlenko said the camera would have captured "everything that happened in the bedroom, in my four walls".

"Breastfeeding, me sometimes walking around naked, this stranger seeing my daughter sleeping. Nobody sees that. And that, to me, is just incredibly uncomfortable and terribly cruel.

"After taking a shower, I sometimes ran in front of this camera naked. [I] changed my baby in front of it!"

Victoria then shared a screengrab of the camera on her Instagram account and shared her terrifying experience with her 32,000 followers.

But when Victoria reported the case to the manufacturer they reportedly only advised her to change her password and added: "Due to the vulnerability and bug, the password is exposed to a dangerous account. Many Internet security threats target Wi-Fi networks. They gain access to routers and infiltrate smart home devices."

Victoria Mihajlenko and her young daughter play in the snow.
Ms Mihajlenko was so disturbed by the hacker that she has now enlisted the help of a specialist. Source: Instagram/victoriaselivanov

Ms Mihajlenko claims the company labelled her allegations as "false" and said that she "should apologise".

The 25-year-old woman then decided to contact hacktivist Marvin Ojaghi, 28, known as 'Official 404' who she believes can put an end to the breach.

"The company is based in Taiwan. The homepage seems dubious because there is no imprint, no contact person and no hotline," Mr Ojaghi said.

"From my experience, access to the Babycam by companies is possible. The children's live streams can be accessed by users from other countries or appear on the dark web."

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