Mum 'distraught' after reading Aldi ingredient list

A poor design choice has left Aldi shoppers shocked and scratching their heads, with a popular variety of crispbread appearing to contain something very unexpected.

Posting in a Facebook group for Aldi fans, a US woman shared how she'd kindly left some crackers out for her mother last Thursday, only to receive an alarmed call later that evening about the ingredients.

"Aldi might consider using a different font next time," the customer shared alongside a picture of the crackers in question.

A box of Aldi artisan crispbread featuring a confusing ingredients list
Would you like cats with your walnuts, maple syrup and cinnamon in your Aldi crispbread? Source: Facebook

"My distraught mom called me last night after reading the ingredients of these crackers I left for her."

The crispbread pictured appear to be made from some truly tantalising ingredients including walnuts, maple syrup and cinnamon, but also what appeared to be "cats".

Kayli's post quickly went viral, receiving more than 7,000 amused reactions and over 700 comments.

"Walnuts, cats, maple syrup... sounds great!" commented one user.

Other users had questions about the origin of the cats and whether or not they were sourced ethically.

"They use cats? Where did they come from? What colour are they? Are they gluten free? How much sugar in a serving? So many questions," asked someone else, tongue firmly in cheek.

What are the crackers actually made of?

If you've been having trouble working out what the box actually says, don't worry, you're not alone.

The post's comments were full of people facing the exact same struggle.

"My eyesight is bad. It looks like it says cats but I can't tell what it really is. HELP," pleaded one user.

Pet lovers everywhere were able to breather a collective sigh of relief as another user pointed out the key ingredient was something much less sinister.

"I read it three times before I realised that cats was supposed to be oats," she wrote.

Whether Aldi decides to use a different, more legible font on future editions of the crispbread packaging remains to be seen.

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