Aldi customer makes disgusting discovery in popular snack - but can you spot it?

An Aldi shopper has warned others against a popular frozen product after making a nauseating discovery.

The woman from the United States took to Facebook to share her disgust after noticing one of the prawns she'd been eating still had a black intestinal tract.

"I was about 10 in when I realised," she posted to the popular group for Aldi fans.

"Now I'm distraught and laughing to keep from throwing up!"

Woman's hand holds battered prawns with a thin, black string down their back in front of packet of Aldi Fremont Fish Market Oven Crispy Popcorn Shrimp
A shopper has voiced her disgust at finding the "poop chute" still in battered prawns she bought from Aldi. Source: Facebook/Penny Nickelson

Following the revolting revelation, the woman explained she peeled the skin off the remaining prawns she'd cooked and found they also still contained the controversial "poop chute".

"Purchase at your own risk!" she warned, alongside an image of a frozen packet of Fremont Fish Market Oven Crispy Popcorn Shrimp, which is available at Aldi in the US.

In the forefront of the picture, the woman holds some of the prawns which have a visible thin, black string down their backs.

Pile of cooked prawns
Social media users are fiercely divided on whether it is necessary to de-vein prawns. Source: Getty Images

Gross discovery stirs heated debate

The Aldi customer's post ignited a fiery debate about whether or not its necessary to remove the prawn's digestive tract.

Some argued that the woman was overreacting.

"Shrimp poo isn't that big of a deal," one Facebook user commented.

"'s something that has been normal forever," a second person added.

"As someone who eats the whole crab and the whole lobster (minus the shell) I see no problem here," a fellow seafood lover wrote.

"It's just added fibre," wrote another.

But many were just as revolted by the thin black line as the author of the post.

“Ewwwww!!! They didn't de-turd them first," one social media user wrote.

"Ewwwwww that's why I don't buy pre-battered shrimp," someone else declared.

"Yuck" and "disgusting", others added, with one person urging the woman to "throw it away".

Vegetarians 'validated'

For some vegetarians in the group, her post validated their choice to go meat-free.

"Being able to see the literal crap sacks of the shrimp makes me happier I don't like seafood," one commented.

Another jokingly marked herself "safe from the veins and poo!"

Box of Aldi Fremont Fish Market Oven Crispy Popcorn Shrimp
Fremont Fish Market Oven Crispy Popcorn Shrimp is available at Aldi in the US. Source:

One woman considered that it probably isn't cost effective for the food manufacturer to peel and de-vein the shrimp.

But many could not see past their aversion.

"Colour this anyway you wish but that vein is the poop track and YES YOU CAN taste it," one man proclaimed.

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