Aldi shoppers warned over mould in Special Buy for babies

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Aldi has launched an investigation after claims that the popular Bonds Wondersuit sleepwear that went on sale at the supermarket this week contains mould.

The retailer, which started selling the baby and toddler sleepwear as part of its Special Buys on July 27, says it is looking into the claims after photos of the blue and pink leopard print suits emerged on Facebook.

Shortly after the product went on sale across the country, concerned customers began to warn other shoppers that the popular zip-up suits were covered in mould.

Aldi is investigating claims of mould found on Bonds' Wondersuit sleepwear after photos emerge on Facebook. Credit: Aldi Mums/Facebook
Aldi is investigating claims of mould found on Bonds' Wondersuit sleepwear after photos emerge on Facebook. Credit: Aldi Mums/Facebook

"For anyone who purchased Bonds today, please check your items before throwing them in the wash," one woman posted in the Aldi Mums Facebook group, prompting other shoppers to check their purchases.

"Became very apparent very quickly once opened that it was mould. You could smell it but I didn't notice until I was home," another woman commented, as other customers from Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT claimed to have discovered the same thing.

Customers confirm sleepwear no longer for sale

Although Aldi has not officially recalled the product pending its investigation, customers have confirmed through Facebook that the popular suits are no longer available for purchase at their local shops.

Some members of the Aldi Fans Australia group related that they have been told by staff that they are unable to sell the popular sleepwear.

"I was in store purchasing some and they said they couldn't sell them to me as they have been recalled," one woman told other members of the group, while another wrote that she had picked the product up and was told the same thing at checkout.

Another customer added that when she tried to purchase a Bonds Wondersuit at her local Aldi store, she was simply told that they could not sell the item to her and simply put the item back on the sale basket without giving a reason, which she added was quite confusing.

Aldi product recalls

Aldi, which has not yet released a statement on this matter, has in the past recalled products over health and safety concerns.

"Our top priority is you and your family's safety - and we take every measure to fulfil that promise,"reads a statement on the supermarket's website.

"We have developed stringent standards and undertake independent quality testing on an ongoing basis to ensure all suppliers meet our own strict specifications," it says on the Aldi website, which also contains a list of products that have been recalled.

"On rare occasions, questions regarding a product's quality, safety or errors in packaging or shipment do arise in the retail world. Aldi has a plan to swiftly and effectively remove such products from the store. Any product that does not meet the government's and our own standards in any of these areas will be efficiently removed from sale and we will notify customers via a Product Recall alert."

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