Aldi shoppers in stitches over bizarre find in can of beans: 'Times are tough'

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An Aldi shopper was left shocked after opening a can of black beans to find it was missing the key ingredient... beans.

The customer had bought the 425g can of Simply Nature Organic Black Beans from an Aldi supermarket in the US when she made the bizarre discovery.

Sitting at the bottom of the can were two lonely black beans, while the rest of the can was filled with clear liquid.

Can of Aldi black beans with only two beans inside
A US woman made light of the situation when she discovered a can of black beans she'd bought at Aldi was almost completely free of beans. Source: Facebook

"I know times are tough but man, they really skimped back on the beans here," wrote the shopper on a popular Facebook page for Aldi fans.

Alongside the post, the bewildered customer shared a photo of the near-empty black bean can, which was full of clear liquid.

The shopper's find comes amid the ongoing global inflation crisis, which has resulted in the price of food surging by 13.1 per cent in July.

Aldi shoppers poke fun at shopper's plight

Unsurprisingly, shoppers couldn't help but poke fun at the shopper's bean plight, with some blaming inflation for the near-empty can.

"Inflation is really crazy these days!" wrote one woman.

Others pointed out it was still a can of black beans, as there was more than one in the can.

"Well, I mean, there's more than one bean... hence beans," laughed one shopper.

Aldi supermarket storefront during the day
Some Aldi shoppers jokingly blamed inflation for the near-empty black bean can. Source: Getty

"I mean, it says beans..." chimed another.

"Maybe they're a non-breeding pair," said a third,

Meanwhile a fourth person joked that at least the shopper could eat the whole can without having to worry about calories.

Shoppers lose it over cheese packaging fail

This isn't the first time shoppers have been left in stitches over "invisible" ingredients in a popular Aldi product.

A Melbourne shopper recently discovered an empty package of Emporium Selection Edam Cheese Slices while perusing the dairy section of Aldi's Karingal Shopping Centre store in Frankston.

"Aldi... the place to go if you're wanting to cut down on food wastage. You can now buy empty packs of cheese," joked the shopper on Facebook.

Aldi customer shares photo of Edam cheese pack with no cheese inside
Aldi shoppers were in hysterics after a Melbourne customer shared a photo of the "invisible" Edam cheese slices she found while shopping. Source: Facebook

Aldi fans were quick to weigh in, with many joking that the "invisible" cheese has less calories.

"That's the diet version," joked one shopper.

"It's the new low-fat, no sugar, gluten-free, meat-free, nut-free, dairy-free and egg-free cheese slices," added a second.

Aldi confirmed to Yahoo News Australia that in the unlikely circumstance a customer was to purchase this product, they would be eligible to return it for a full refund.

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