Miranda Kerry's family feels 'complete'

Miranda Kerr's family is complete credit:Bang Showbiz
Miranda Kerr's family is complete credit:Bang Showbiz

Miranda Kerr's family is "complete".

The 41-year-old model - who has Flynn, 13, with ex-husband Orlando Bloom and Hart, six, Myles, four, and four-month-old Pierre with spouse Evan Spiegel - always dreamed of being a mother but suggested she isn't looking to have more kids following the recent arrival of her youngest son.

She told the Times newspaper: "Growing up, I was a bit of a tomboy. I would often watch my dad fix V8 car engines and fit hotdogs [mufflers] on to exhausts, but I always knew I wanted to be a mother.

"Now I have four children. My newest little son really completes our family. I feel so blessed to have him."

Although Evan is the co-founder of Snapchat, Miranda revealed the tech mogul "avoids screens" at all times, so the family bond over music rather than movies or TV shows.

Asked if there's a cinema room in their house, she said: "No, my husband avoids screens at all times. He grew up without a TV.

"His mother told him that if he wanted a computer, he would have to make it himself. So he went to the store, bought all the parts and did.

"We love to blast music in our house and have dance parties all the time. We’re big fans of Shania Twain and Stevie Nicks."

The Kora Organics founder also admitted her husband is the only person who can get away with breaking her house rules.

Discussing the rules she has in placefor their California home, she said: "I have a small Australian labradoodle called Teddy. She’s nine, sleeps in the bedroom and is definitely not allowed to jump on the bed.

"I also try to encourage a no-shoes rule in the house. My husband sometimes breaks it, but he’s the only one who gets away with it."