Virgin Australia passenger hails airline for touching act: 'Faith restored'

The Brisbane man was delighted by the airline's customer service after staff came to his rescue.

Virgin Australia staff hold up the lost wallet to the customer at baggage services in Brisbane airport (left) and two Virgin Australia planes on the tarmac (right).
A Brisbane man praised Virgin Australia after staff returned his wallet to him. Source: Facebook and Getty

A man claims he's had his "faith restored" in humanity after his wallet was returned to him with all of his bank and identification cards inside, as well as $360 in cash. The Brisbane man says it is an example of why he always pays extra just to fly with Virgin Australia.

He was travelling home from Sydney when he lost his wallet while disembarking the plane last Thursday. After searching for it with no success, the passenger made contact with the airline who happened to have it. He went back to Brisbane Airport to collect it on Sunday and was delighted it had all the contents inside it, untouched since the last time he had it.

"All licences, credit cards and cash intact!" he said on social media. "I’m happy to pay Virgin Airlines $230 more, I reckon all the staff there are great."

The wallet with the Aussie dollars and bank cards, as well as ID cards, inside.
The man's wallet was returned with $360 of cash inside. Source: Facebook

After the man commended the airline and its staff online, Aussies were quick to praise the situation and acknowledge how great it must have been after the panic of trying and failing to find his wallet.

"Blessed sense of relief," one wrote, while another admitted they too would feel a similar "sense of relief" if they were in the same situation. "There are good people in the world. Lucky you," a third said.

After hearing about the traveller's interaction with staff, Virgin Australia confirmed they were delighted the wallet was reunited with its owner.

"We are always pleased to hear when our guests have a wonderful experience flying with Virgin Australia," a spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

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