Minister's hilarious X-rated blunder at live Covid press conference

New Zealand’s Covid-19 response minister Chris Hipkins has given Kiwi’s “a reason to laugh” after accidentally delivering some X-rated health advice during a live update on the nation’s Delta outbreak.

Mr Hipkins was outlining the latest case numbers and reminding residents of Covid-19 restrictions when he accidentally urged them to follow a bizarre new rule.

In a rather humorous slip-of-the-tongue, he said Kiwis should social distance when they go outside to “spread their legs”.

A screenshot of New Zealand's Covid-19 response minister Hipkins as made a rather unintentional X-rated error at a live press conference, telling Kiwis about how they should social distance when they
New Zealand's Covid-19 response minister Hipkins made a rather unintentional X-rated error at a live press conference. Source: Ministry of Health

"It is a challenge for people in high density areas to get outside and spread their legs when they are surrounded by other people," he unintentionally told reporters at the live press conference on Sunday.

He was meant to say "stretch their legs".

The awkward blunder wasn’t missed by Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield, who was caught raising an eyebrow and smirking just seconds later.

Hipkins soon realised his embarrassing error, acknowledging the media “would all have fun with him later”.

X-rated Covid blunder goes viral

The light-hearted mistake has delivered some much-needed comedic relief for New Zealanders in the midst of a nationwide lockdown.

They swiftly took to Twitter and TikTok to poke fun at the saucy health advice, embracing the hashtag #spreadyourlegs.

“Spread your legs, not the virus!” one person wrote.

"When Jacinda takes a break and leaves it to the boys.." commented another.

The gaffe was also described as a “little ray of sunshine from our COVID response Minister" with another person writing "thanks for the laughs during lockdown."

One Twitter user even edited a Covid-19 advert telling people to "spread your legs", accompanied with the caption: "Latest official government advice, please retweet to get the message out."

Mr Hipkins later responded on his official Facebook page, saying “at least I’ve given you all something to laugh about.”

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