You Might Put On Some Pants Now That Levi's Is Offering 40% Off Everything

Ambar Pardilla

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You'll be staying in in style with these finds from Levi's.  (HuffPost )

These days, jeans and pleated pants are probably the last things you want to put on before a team video chat. The rise of the teleworking has led to the bottom, ahem, of bottoms — so much so that Walmart has seen an increase in sales for only tops

The only buttons you might be dealing with now are on a button-down you wear only for a 10-minute meeting with your boss.  

Whether you love wearing sweatshirts and sweatpants right now or like dressing up just a little to feel more productive, you might be looking for other options to wear while staying in and working from home. 

And we have some good news for you: Levi’s is now offering 40% off everything (with code SILVER40) in its “Silver Linings Sale,” which, yeah — we’re searching for all the silver linings right now. It’s a better deal than the brand offered during its “Friends and Family Sale” early last month. 

So if you’re searching for the perfect pair of jeans to get into the work-from-home groove or wanting a denim jacket for some short walks around your neighborhood, now’s your chance. We took a peek already and rounded up our favorites below. 

Check out our favorite finds on sale at Levi’s:

1 Levi's Logo Sweatpants

(Levi's )

Originally $35, get them now for 40% off with code SILVER40.

2 Levi's Logo Sports Bra

(Levi's )