'Might cause some problems': Locals confused over carwash signs

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to get out of washing the car, this might just be the winning ticket.

A Southern Highlands carwash has been given a social media rinsing over a confusing set of signs that essentially prevents any driver from actually using the facility.

The arrows in and out of the facility are accompanied by some rather conflicting instructions, with “carwash exit only” and “carwash entry only” seemingly attached at the wrong points.

While the solution seems rather straightforward, that didn’t stop Facebook users from doing what they do best.

No luck this way. Maybe try the other. Source: Facebook/Steve Barry
Maybe not. Source: Facebook/Steve Barry

“Do you think these arrows and signs might cause some problems?” Local resident Steve Barry questioned.

“Can’t cause problems if no one’s using it,” one person replied.

“You had one job!” another wrote.

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