Chaos at Melbourne airport as cabbies blockade Uber drivers

Taxi drivers are expected on Wednesday to again protest the decision to let Uber drivers pick up and drop off passengers at Melbourne Airport.

Following the chaos at Adelaide Airport on Thursday, August 10, hundreds of people were left virtually stranded on Tuesday night after cabbies followed suit and took to Melbourne streets, blocking roads in and out of the airport.

Plane passengers travelling to or from Melbourne Airport on Wednesday are being warned to allow extra travel time with the taxi drivers expected to return to the area to continue protesting.

Travellers are warned the action could continue today and they should check the airport website and allow extra travel time.

Travellers were forced to wait hours.
Travellers were forced to wait hours.

Hundreds of taxi drivers lined the forecourt outside the domestic and international terminals from around 9:30pm on Tuesday night, causing major disruptions for thousands of travellers.

There were reports of some passengers waiting up to two hours to get into the airport due to the blockade.

The protest was in response to the decision to make Uber pick-up and drop-offs legal. Source: Channel 7
The protest was in response to the decision to make Uber pick-up and drop-offs legal. Source: Channel 7

In an attempt to ease delays, the airport made the SkyBus shuttle free for commuters.

It's unclear what time the drivers will be back on Wednesday.

Chief of parking and ground transportation Lorie Argus said it's about flexibility.

“This announcement is really exciting as we know Uber is a desirable transport option for many of our travellers,” Argus said.

“Through expanding our transport offering we’re giving our travellers more choice and flexibility.”

Travellers say taxi drivers aren't doing themselves any favours, with many tweeting they're just more frustrated and are going to use Uber now.

Passengers will be able to take Ubers to and from Melbourne Airport from Wednesday at designated wait zones.

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