Mel Gibson's subtle act in Trump video sends internet crazy

Actor Mel Gibson has been slammed on social media, after a video showed him making a hand gesture to former US president Donald Trump.

Trump made an appearance at the highly anticipated Conor McGregor fight, where Dustin Poirier reigned victorious, following McGregor's gruesome injury.

In a video shared widely across social media platforms, Gibson is seen in the sea of people watching Trump walk in to watch the UFC bout in Las Vegas.

Actor Mel Gibson was seen saluting former president Donald Trump at UFC 264. Source: TikTok/@omar
Actor Mel Gibson was seen saluting former president Donald Trump at UFC 264. Source: TikTok/@omar

In the video, Gibson is seen making an apparent salute to the former president.

Snopes has confirmed Gibson is seen in the now-viral video, though the fact-checking site noted it is not clear if Gibson and Trump had any interaction after the salute, or if Trump saw the actor in the moment.

Gibson slammed on social media for gesture

People slammed Gibson on social media for the gesture to the disgraced former president, with some saying they were surprised by the video.

Many brought up Gibson has a history of making sexist, racist and anti-Semitic remarks.

"Mel Gibson saluting Trump at the UFC? Guess that's Braveheart out for me," one person tweeted.

"Mel Gibson has lost another fan, I cannot support someone who thinks Trump is some kind of hero, I knew Gibson could be off the wall sometimes but saluting Trump is too far off the wall," one person tweeted.

Meanwhile, some were hailing Gibson as a "patriot" expressing their love for the actor and someone else said "they" will "cancel" Gibson now.

Trump was met with both cheers and boos as he entered the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas for UFC 264, the first sporting event he has attended since leaving office earlier this year.

Conor McGregor left the arena on a stretcher after snapping his leg at the end of the first round against Poirier.

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