McDonald's slammed over 'absolutely disgusting' burger discovery

The Quarter Pounders served up at a Sydney McDonald's have left a customer reeling.

McDonald's is under fire after a customer in southwest Sydney received half-cooked burgers in his order.

Photos taken by the man show two McDonald's Quarter Pounders, each with a big problem in the middle, as neither appears to have been cooked properly. Although beef is sometimes eaten raw it can hold harmful bacteria, so it's no surprise locals weren't excited by the idea of a medium-rare Macca's burger.

"Check your burgers before you eat if you're buying from Woodbine Macca's tonight. Just got home and bit into this," he posted in a Facebook community group.

Undercooked McDonald's Quarter Pounders.
McDonald's is being slammed over these half-cooked burgers served up in southwest Sydney. Source: Facebook/J. Doong

"Absolutely disgusting. I would have rang them straight away or gone back to the store," one group member commented. "Rang them more than 10 times. No answer," the customer replied.

"Woodbine would have to be the worst Macca's in Sydney. Wait times not even in peak periods are slow, place is always filthy, and food is crap. I hope they give you a full refund and free meals for that trash," another local responded.

"Check your chicken before eating at Camden Macca's," another member warned, sharing a photo of his own remarkably raw McDonald's McChicken burger. "Yuck! Food poisoning for sure," someone replied.

Undercooked McDonald's burgers
The man's undercooked Quarter Pounders were matched by another customer's raw McChicken burger. Source: Facebook/J. Doong/R. Heise

McDonald's responds

A spokesperson for McDonald's Australia says the matter is being investigated with the Woodbine outlet. "McDonald's takes food safety and quality very seriously," the spokesperson told Yahoo News. "We follow strict processes and procedures to ensure the quality of our food. We are working with the restaurant to investigate this further."

'WTF is this?'

Meanwhile, Sydney musician Azure had her own run-in with McDonald's this week, sharing the bizarre experience with her 36,000 TikTok followers on Monday. "I asked for McChicken sauce on the side," she says in the video, holding a Macca's container overflowing with sauce.

Any chicken on the burger is well hidden under all the sauce. "What the absolute f**k? What is this? I've never seen anything like it. It's disgusting. It's ice cold. What's happening?" the singer added.

"They had so much fun making that one in store, trust," one viewer commented. "Someone quit their job that day surely," agreed another.

Not everyone was disgusted by the saucey surprise though. "Not gonna lie. That's what I want every time I ask for extra McChicken sauce," one fan commented. "That's the good stuff. I'm lucky to get two drops sometimes," echoed another.

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