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Aussie tourist shocked after paying $60 for McDonald's meal

After the experience, the young woman said she will be exclusively buying food from supermarkets in the country.

An Aussie tourist is warning other travellers after paying a whopping $60 for two McDonald's meals in Switzerland.

Understanding that she was in one of the most expensive countries in the world, Jarnah McMillan knew the food prices would be high, however "didn’t expect fast food to be so expensive".

Given that most shops are shut on Sunday — traditionally considered a day of rest in predominately Christian European countries — the young traveller decided to order Uber Eats, and was shocked with what she saw.

A photo a Melbourne woman in Switzerland. Another photo of her, with a McDonald's drink in Switzerland.
An Melbourne woman has claimed she paid just over $60 AUD in Switzerland for McDonald’s via Uber Eats. Source: TikTok/jarnahmcmillan (TikTok/jarnahmcmillan)

"I just paid over $60 AUD for two Cheeseburger meals and an extra cheeseburger and that was the cheapest option available. You heard me right," the Melbourne local claimed in a TikTok posted last month, saying the price was only "a little more" with Uber Eats delivery charges.

She also claimed she came across a burger meal at Hungry Jacks for 38 Franc, equivalent to $61.91 AUD.

"Can confirm I will be going to the supermarket tomorrow and eating food from there because it is so expensive here in Switzerland. It's beautiful but so expensive."

Currently, Switzerland is considered the second most expensive country, also topping the Big Mac index at $10.33 AUD as of January this year.

Social media users react to video

Since being posted, the video has been viewed more than 251,000 times, with many travellers sharing Jarnah's sentiment and recounting their own experiences.

"My partner and I ordered Uber Eats, 2 zinger boxes from KFC cost us $90 Aus. Beautiful place but extremely expensive!" one person commented.

"My husband and I spent $130 on two cheeseburgers last night in Zurich," another said.

"Babe I paid 40 francs in 2021 for 20 pc McNuggets and a Sprite. The prices are INSANE," a third person said.

Some claimed the traveller made up the prices, leading her to making another video on Monday where she stressed that it was a "real experience".

"The whole point of the video was to discuss the prices of things to someone who may be coming to Switzerland," she said. "Especially if you’re an Australian, it may relate to you. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Switzerland, it was worth the costs, the supermarkets were way cheaper FYI."

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