McDonald's customer's 'shameful' parking act slammed

The vehicle was spotted by another driver who criticised the move online.

An Aussie motorist has been slammed over their 'arrogant' car park move at a McDonald's in NSW on Monday.

The white Kia Carnival was stopped across not one but two disabled parking bays at the Figtree store in Wollongong, with the act being labelled 'shameful'.

Another driver, who appears to have had a disabled parking permit and needed the space, spotted the vehicle before approaching the driver. He claimed they had no permit which is illegal.

White Kia Carnival stopped in disabled parking bay McDonald's
The vehicle stopped across two disabled parking bays at McDonald's. Source: Facebook

"When asked to move so I could access the spot he told me his daughters needed to go to the bathroom and [that] he will be gone soon then wound the window up," the frustrated driver shared in a group on Facebook.

He claimed the rest of the car park was empty implying the driver had plenty of space to park.

Social media furious over parking move

Photos shared in the 'Disability Parking Wall of Shame' Facebook group show the vehicle stopped across two bays near the entrance of the store. The lights are still on indicating the driver is still inside.

The driver's decision infuriated others in the group who branded the act 'arrogant' and 'shameful'.

"Should have blocked him in, got out of your car, locked it then proceeded to walk into Maccas saying that you needed to go to the toilets and take your time then buy Maccas and sit down and eat it," one suggested.

"I would have sat behind him and keep on the horn, great way to attract a lot of attention to his illegal parking, said another.

Harsh penalties for parking without a permit

Drivers caught parked in a disabled parking bay without a valid disability parking permit in NSW will face an infringement notice of $587 and one demerit point.

Anyone who challenges the fine in court could face a maximum penalty of $2,200.

Last year People with Disability Australia CEO Sebastian Zagarella told Yahoo News Australia it was important for Australians to respect disabled parking bays and the area around them to ensure they're fully accessible.

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