Motorist blasted for audacious parking act at Westfield: 'Disgusting'

While it may be busy over the Christmas period, many said the Sydney driver has no excuse.

A Sydney driver has been branded "entitled" for parking between two disabled spots in an eastern suburbs shopping centre.

The silver car was photographed in the Westfield Eastgardens car park, wedged between two white vehicles in separate disabled parking bays — leaving no space for mobility-impaired visitors to acces their cars from the side. Disabled bays are larger than regular spaces to improve accessibility for users.

The post was shared on a number of Facebook groups, with one person captioning the photo: "First class d*** at Westfield Eastgardens."

A car parked between to others illegally in a disabled parking bay at Westfield Eastgardens.
A Sydney driver has been heavily criticised online for illegally parking between two disabled parking spots at Westfield, Eastgardens. Source: Facebook

Social media users react to photo

Despite the struggle of trying to find a park during the festive season, many people online slammed the driver's brazen behaviour, saying there was no reasonable excuse.

"Imagine being that entitled," one person said, according to 7News. "So what if someone needs a wheelchair to get into their car...seriously everything that is wrong in this world right there."

"Stunning tosser," another chimed in on Facebook. "Wow that’s a good one!" a third person sarcastically said.

Fines for using a disabled spot illegally

In this incident at Westfield Eastgardens, the person's car is in a privately owned space, so it is therefore unclear whether the driver received a fine. However, Transport NSW urges people to report issues to a car park manager.

Usually, a NSW driver can be issued a $587 fine for parking, stopping or standing in a disabled parking spot, according to the state government. However, the amount may vary if the ticket is handed out by an enforcement officer from a NSW Government authority or participating local council or university.

Also, not parking wholly in a designated bay could cost a driver $117.

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