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Terrifying moment stolen car mounts footpath at Aussie hotspot: 'That's messed up'

Terrifying footage has emerged of pedestrians running away from a stolen car being driven on the footpath, with one onlooker saying it was "one of the scariest moments" of their life.

The chaotic scenes were recorded by a woman at the popular Surfers Paradise area on Sunday, showing people screaming as the car drives the wrong way and mounts the sidewalk, with frightened onlookers as well as a car having to dodge the vehicle.

"Young kids / families so frightened," she said in the TikTok caption. "Stay safe this festive season."

Two photos of a stolen LDV wagon driving on the footpath in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, while pedestrians run out of the way.
A woman has recorded a stolen LDV wagon driving on the footpath in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, while pedestrians run out of the way. Source: TikTok

Queensland police condemn crime

Police have confirmed that the LDV wagon with two most likely young males was allegedly stolen from Trickett Street, Surfers Paradise, at around 8.10pm on Sunday and also managed to collide with a parked car and a car stuck in traffic.

"The vehicle entered left on Cavill Avenue against the traffic on a one way street, at which point it collided with a stationary unoccupied vehicle and another stationary vehicle which had three occupants and was stuck in the line of traffic," Surfers Paradise station Officer in Charge Senior Sergeant Brad Rix said in a press conference.

"(It) then mounted the curb and continued to proceed in a westerly direction, narrowly avoiding some pedestrians on a footpath. The vehicle was located the following morning at an address in Crestmead."

Sergeant Rix also confirmed that no one was hurt. "Witnesses have described pedestrians having to jump out of the way, so it's very fortunate that no one at all was hurt," he said.

"We condemn (this) to the highest degree, it's not something you want to see this time of year or anytime, particularly in a highly populated area where families are around."

Investigations are continuing.

Social media user react to Surfers Paradise incident

Since the video was posted on Monday, it has been viewed almost 2 million times, with some witnesses commenting their thoughts.

"I was literally in one of the cars on the street," one person said. "Possibly one of the scariest moments of my life."

"I was there on my break at work, I was literally just in shock," another said.

Others also commented at how they are glad it didn't turn out like the vicious car attack in Melbourne that had killed several pedestrians in 2017.

"This scared the hell out of me! I was in the street of the Bourke street killing a few years ago in Melbourne will never forget the screams," one person said.

"I have chills," said another.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Queensland Police, as well as Crime Stoppers.

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