Car rolls off cliff with two people inside while 'doing burnouts'

A car with two people reportedly "doing burnouts" plunged off a cliff in Auckland on Sunday, while witnesses watched on in horror.

Yahoo News Australia spoke to a New Zealand police spokeswoman, who confirmed they were notified of the incident at around 5.30pm near Musick Point Road.

"Two people were located by police on the beach" the spokeswoman said. "They were transported to be assessed by ambulance staff." St John Ambulance said one person was transported to Middlemore Hospital with "moderate injuries", 1News reports.

Two photos of a car in the water after it plunged off a cliff in Auckland.
A car with two people inside plunged off a cliff in Auckland, with a few people watching on. Source: 1News via Ness Fletcher

Some people reportedly saw the incident happen — one man riding a ferry on the harbour told NZ Herald he saw the car fall down the cliff face, apparently having rolled "a couple of times at the bottom," according to another person on the ferry.

A resident said there were "nine cop cars" at the scene. "We parked down at the Musick Point end of Bucklands Beach and saw a group of police talking to a young family," Kelly told 1News.

“The lady had come over and told me what had happened — that a car was doing burnouts up the top of the cliff and lost control and went over.”

A photo of a police boat in Auckland, New Zealand.
A police boat picked up the two men from their car. Source: NZ Herald

She also claimed to have seen the two men on the police boat as they "sheepishly walked off". “One guy looked like he had a broken arm — it looked dislocated and he had cuts to the back of his head.”

The resident stressed how dangerous the incident was, and how it could've resulted in other people getting hurt as well.

“What panicked me the most is that families picnic at the beach where that car landed, under the cliff," she said. "Imagine if they had been hit".

Despite allegations of burnouts, a police spokeswoman told Yahoo News Australia that the cause is still being investigated."Police are speaking to those involved and our enquiries are ongoing to determine the circumstances leading up to the crash," she said. "At this stage, no charges have been laid".

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